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At Kaydon, we apply engineering experience and expertise to solve the world's most demanding bearing challenges. Kaydon solutions meet the most exacting specifications of the aerospace and defense, commercial aerospace, heavy equipment, industrial machinery, medical systems, mining, oil and gas, robotics, semiconductor, solar, and wind markets.

Kaydon Bearings Markets
Kaydon engineers are ready and willing to apply their design versatility to find the ideal application-specific solution, whether you need one or thousands. Kaydon thin section and slewing ring bearing solutions and bearing remanufacturing program meet the highest quality standards and feature lead times that keep your project on schedule.


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  KAYDON K07008AR0bearingKAYDON K08008AR0bearingKAYDON K09008AR0

  KAYDON K10008AR0bearingKAYDON K11008AR0bearingKAYDON K12008AR0

  KAYDON K13008AR0bearingKAYDON K14008AR0bearingKAYDON K15008AR0

  KAYDON K16008AR0bearingKAYDON K17008AR0bearingKAYDON K18008AR0

  KAYDON K19008AR0bearingKAYDON K20008AR0bearingKAYDON K25008AR0

  KAYDON K30008AR0bearingKAYDON K32008AR0bearingKAYDON K34008AR0


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