SKF Bearing

The full name of SKF is "Svenska Kullager-Fabriken" Chinese name as "SKF". SKF group headquarters established in Sweden gothic castle, is bearing technology and manufacturing leader. The number of employees: about 38748 people; The company quantity: about 150 home; Year 2007 net sales for 58.559 billion kronor; President and chief executive officer of CEO: Tom · strong ralston Tom Johnstone of the company business namely to the mechanical engineering history as the starting point and the invention of the landmark of the day. Even this year already expires one hundred anniversary, SKF still holding established objective, develops unceasingly, the service to the world.
SKF provide the standard products with all kinds of bearing more than twenty thousand types. SKF group except for rolling bearing, but also make linear bearing, sliding bearings, ball bearings box, and roller ball screw, textile machinery parts, keep the circle, machine tools and all kinds of precision mechanical parts. In the above fields a wide range of experience, and has the development, manufacture and application of advanced engineering products indispensable knowledge and expertise. Small person such as weighing only 0.003 grams of miniature bearing, big to each piece of 34 tons of giant bearing. In addition, SKF also provides a series of bearing maintenance tools, grease and bearing monitoring instruments (SKF bearing heater, drawing machine etc) to make bearing users get the higher benefit, to worry about running.
SKF bearing the introduction involves the industry
< 1 > mining, processing and cement < 2 > motor and generator < 3 > wind < 4 > < 5 > industry industry pump drive < 6 > industrial fan < 7 > < 8 > aerospace architecture < 9 > two wheels < 10 > roller skating (SKF involving industry diagram) < 11 > agricultural < 12 > food and beverage < 13 > plastic and rubber < 14 > railway < 15 > line accused of driving < 16 > compressor < 17 > printing equipment < 18 > and consumer products supporting the motor < 19 > pulp and paper < 20 > bike industry

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