TIMKEN Bearing

TIMKEN Angle contact ball bearing
Size range 12 mm-150-mm drilling
Typical applications · general industrial applications
· chemical
· tools
· agriculture
Expansion can choose a · special lubricant
· special maintains a material
· special the load
· anticorrosion special coating

TIMKEN cylindrical roller bearing:
1. Radial cylindrical roller bearing
A single, small size
A single, large size
A single, special size
Double row
Four row, small size
Four row, large size
2. Cylindrical roller thrust bearing
TP (three columns of thrust bearing)
TPS (TP, dribbling bottom washers)
TIMKEN tapered roller bearings:
1. The single row circular cone roller bearings TS (stamping steel maintains a)
TS (split cotters maintains a)
TSF (flange outer ring)
TSRB (clasp outer ring)
TSK (the keyway outer ring)
TSL (with DUO end-PLUS ? seal)
TSU (UNIT-bearing ?)
2. Double row circular cone roller bearings
SR (double row right steering-wheel every lap combination)
SD (round hole)
SS (double row clasp ring segments circle combination)
TDI (double row double inner circle)
TDO (double row double outer ring)
TNA/TNASW/TNASWE (not adjust double row bearing/belt lubrication slot TNA/take file extension edge TNA)
TNASWH (with thick wall outside TNA)
TNASWHF (with outer flange TNASWH)
3. Four row circular cone roller bearings
TQO (straight hole 4 out combination)
TQOW (with inner ring groove end lubrication TQO)
TQITS (four row circular cone in the hole combination)
TQITSE (TQIT, with extension inner circle)
4. Senior tapered roller bearings DuraspexxTM & DuraspexxTM power standard series
P900 bearing
Fuel economy bearing

TIMKEN thrust bearing
TTHD (heavy thrust bearing)
TTHDFL (TTHD, rolling with flat road)
TTSP (with keep frame of thrust bearing)

TIMKEN needle bearing:
Stamping needle bearing outer ring
Radial needle bearings and maintains a combination
Heavy needle bearing
Thrust needle bearing
Locomotive bearings
Supporting type bearings/CAM
CAM needle clutch and bearing combination
Planetary gear shaft

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